Historic New England / Wallace Nutting Photographic Collection – online searchable collection contains approx. 450 hand-tinted works and original photographs by Wallace Nutting, many with detailed information about the homes, buildings, people, places and objects he photographed.

Michael Ivankovich Antiques & Art – website of well known authority on Wallace Nutting, appraiser, auctioneer and author Michael Ivankovich of Doylestown, Pennsylvania USA. Site features Pictures for Sale, Nutting Appraisal Services, as well as info on Nutting (and “Nutting like”) print cleaning, re-framing, conservation and preservation services.

Wallace Nutting Collector’s Club – started in 1973 and has members throughout the USA. Club helps members learn more about Wallace Nutting and his works, and make contact with other Nutting collectors & dealers and events. (Non-profit, self-sustaining organization — all moneys collected from dues are used for club expenses).

Virtual Norfolk / Wallace Nutting Page – local info related to Wallace Nutting and his ownership of a farm in City Mills, Norfolk, MA in 1878.